The General Rules of the Order were amended at the 1925 A.M.C. with the introduction of a new Rule 1 to provide authority to appoint a full Committee of Management to administer an overseas jurisdiction’s affairs. The A.M.C. of the Order and Board of Directors retain overall authority to issue dispensations for the establishment of new Branches, for the design of regalia and passwords to be used. 
The Order is established overseas as follows, click below for more information: 


Ghana: From 1879 - Committee of Management established in 1951.  
Details to contact Ghana&Jurisdiction - Bro. P Korsinah Grand Secretary P.O. Box 5199 Accra - North, Ghana 
Nigeria: Districts and neutral lodges were formed in the early days, granted Warrant to hold Fraternal Meetings and appoint a Committee of Management in 1976.  
Details to contact Nigeria & Jurisdiction - Bro. S Campbell Grand Secretary P.O. Box 666 Enugu, State Nigeria 


America: from 1843 which governed sub-committees in Puerto Rico and Dominican Republic before they, in turn, were granted full committee of management status in 1962 and 1966 respectively.  
Details to contact America & Jurisdiction - Bro. G Paige Grand Secretary 7314,Porters Road,Esmont,VA 22937, USA 
Cuba: Cuba - Formerly District 46 of the B.M.C. of America.Warrant granted by the 1999 A.M.C. to form full Committee of Management. The large number of members are in touch with their fraternal brethren in Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic and America.  
Details to contact Cuba & Jurisdiction - Bro. J E Medina Grand Secretary Cuba & Jurisdiction C/o Bro M R Gonzalez 5590 W 8th CT Hialeah, Florida 33012 USA 
West Indies,South America and Netherlands - Branches affiliated either to the A.M.C. of the Order or the B.M.C. of America have been founded.  
Details to contact Dominican Republic & Jurisdiction - Bro. Juan Francisco Ortega Grand Secretary c/o D Colon 4511, NW 170th Street Miami Gardens,Florida,33055  
USA - & Puerto Rico Bro. A M Perez Ramos Grand Secretary P.O. Box 363863 Suan Juan Puerto Rico 


Australia: New South Wales from 1848 and Queensland from 1863. 
The 2000 A.M.C. approved the proposed amalgamation of the New South Wales and Queensland Jurisdictions effective from the 1st of January 2001 to form the Jurisdiction of Australia.  
Details to contact Australia & Jurisdiction - Bro. N Grey c/o Australian & Jurisdiction Unit 10/52 Monomeeth Street 
Bexley N.S.W. 2207 Australia 
(The fraternal conferences in the States of Victoria, South and Western Australia now cease to exist). 


Branches in the UK and Netherlands. 
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