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The Board of Directors had intended to hold the Bi-Annual Family Funday event in August this year ,but as a result of the uncertainty connected to Covid there seemed insufficient interest from individual lodges to make the event worthwhile due to natural concerns about social distancing. 
It is hoped that we can re-commence the 'get-together' sometime in future years. 
Cawdry Lodge No. 138 are sad to announce the death of their long serving Trustee Brother Robert Poyser. 
He died on the 25th April 2021 aged 81 years. 
Brother Poyser was appointed a Trustee in December 1993 and remained a Trustee until his death. 
He will be sadly missed!. 
R.I.P. Brother 
The Board of Directors, Staff and all members of the Grand United Order of Oddfellows Friendly Society in the UK would like to convey their sincere condolences to Her Majesty the Queen and all her family at the very sad news of the death of Prince Phillip, the Duke of Edinburgh, her long devoted husband and longest serving Consort in British history. 
He will be long remembered for the diligent service he gave to the Crown and the peoples of the UK and Commonwealth countries. 
God rest his soul and God save our Queen in her troubled times ahead! 
Grand United Order of Oddfellows Friendly Society 
Accross the Uk, Commonwealth and the World 
Message by the Grand Master 
Dear Brethren, 
I hope you and your families are keeping well and safe. 
As the year now draws to a close, I take the opportunity to send you this message. 
Christmas, as we know it, is a time of relaxation, a time of peace and joy. It is a festive season of goodwill and a time for families to get together. 
However, Christmas this year will feel different. It will be a time to look back on a year when so much has changed. A time to reflect on the impact Corona Virus or Covid-19 pandemic has had on our lives. How we had been in locked downs since March and are now facing the chances of yet more restrictions. 
As a result of this Covid-19 pandemic, many families have lost loved ones. Businesses and Associations have faced and suffered many difficult and challenging situations. For the first time in history, our Order, the Grand United Order of Oddfellows was forced to cancel the Annual Movable Conference that was scheduled to take place in May 2020 due to this pandemic. 
This virus has impacted seriously on our way of life. Although we may not now be able to go about our normal business as usual, or have the freedom to choose where or how to spend this Christmas, we are hopeful things will start getting better with the prospect of the Covid-19 vaccine. 
In the meantime, it is advisable and sensible that we all adhere to the government guidelines, obey and follow the rules and maintain safety. 
As Oddfellows and members, it is incumbent upon us to put into practice the principles of Oddfellowship, to be each other’s keeper, support one another and extend the hand of friendship to all and sundry. 
It is my fervent wish and hope that things come back to normal sooner so we can resume our face to face activities, meetings and family fun days. 
I would now like to extend season’s greetings and best wishes to all brethren including those suffering ill health or any adversity. I wish you all a very peaceful and Prosperous New Year. 
Please take care of yourselves, stay at home, go out only when necessary and stay safe. 
Thank you all in Friendship, Love and Truth. 
Sister Marian Blankson-VanDyck 
Grand Master of the Order 
Grand United Order of Oddfellows Ghana & Jurisdiction. 
The Ghanaian Grand Master, Deputy Grand Master, Grand Secretary, Grand Directors, representatives from Past Grand Masters, Grand Household, Grand Patriarchy and Grand Matriarchy attending the funeral of the Order Past Grand Master Brother Michael Nsiah-Buadi held on 26th September 2020 at his hometown in Ghana 
RIP Worthy Brother Mike 
The following reports are available for Members to view when entering the correct username and password on our 'Members Page' at 
1) The August 2020 Board Meeting Minutes held via Zoom. 
2) The August 2020 Annual General Meeting Minutes held via Zoom. 
3) The Order Accounts dated 31st December 2019. 
4) The Order Statistics for Membership & Funds for the previous years of 2019 & 2018. 
The Order are pleased to announce that the Grand Master Sister Marian Blankson -VanDyck has safely returned from her enforced stay in Ghana from March this year due to the Covid 19 restrictions. 
She will immediately re-commence her duties as Grand Master of the Order until the Annual Moveable Conference to be held from 29th May to the 31st May 2021 at the Jury's Inn Brighton. 
A communication received below from the Grand Master Sister Marian Blankson-VanDyck who is still marooned in Ghana after her initial visit in March of this year when the Covid 19 restrictions were implemented - 
"The President of Ghana stated in his 15th address to the nation that Ghana's air border is likely to be opened to international passengers by 1st September. I have secured a seat on the BA flight so if it opens on 1st, I shall leave that day. 
He also announced the easing of restrictions on conferences so I will forward the banner for Ghana and Jurisdiction FAMC which was due to take place on Thursday 20th August until Sunday 23rd August " 
"Yours In Friendship, Love and Truth 
Grand Master Marian Blankson-VanDyck" 
The August 2020 Board Meeting, held via Zoom, gave consideration to current reporting requirements and agreed all Branches be informed to hold an Annual General Meeting by the 30th September this year and if held online, that is perfectly acceptable but to comply with regulations an AGM must be held. 
As already reported, the 2020 Society's Annual General Meeting was due take place via Video Conferencing on Saturday 8th August at 2-00pm. 
The Order is pleased to report that we have now adapted successfully to the current Pandemic by first of all holding the August Board meeting at 9-30am on Saturday 8th August where all the current Board Members were present and secondly successfully hosting the 2020 AGM in the afternoon. 
Delegates and Board present at the AGM numbered 28, although 7 delegates from Derby and 2 Directors congregated together at the Derby District Head Office and two sets of delegates numbering 4 gathered together on two different computers/laptop. Others who did not join the video conferencing sent notification of their Proxy Votes prior to the meeting. 
Images of the attendees are attached and the meeting went smoothly. Some questions were put before the Board for consideration and were duly answered. 
A full transcript verbatim report will follow in due course to be sent out to the board/delegates for reporting back to their own individual lodges. 
The image below is the full AGM Meeting. 
The picture below has been sent in to our Head Office from our Sisters & Brethren in our Grand United Order of Oddfellows District in Ghana and Jurisdiction. 
The image is showing a donation of 25000 Ghanian Cedis which is £3500 Sterling to the Covid -19 National Trust Fund in Ghana. 
Congratulations to all our Sisters & Brethren in Ghana for contributing to this wonderful gesture 
In Friendship,Love and Truth 
The Secretariat at the Head Office of the Grand United Order of Oddfellows in Manchester UK have received, by text , the following message via the Grand Secretary from the Ghana & Jurisidiction Territory of the Grand United Order of Oddfellows Worldwide : 
Worthy Brothers 
Kindly send the condolences of the Order in Ghana at the sad loss of Brother Michael Nsiah-Buadi, from the members of the Committee of Management, Past and Present and the entire membership, that they may reach the Order in Manchester and the bereaved family and the members of his lodge in London 11636. 
RIP Worthy Brother ! 
The Order are very sad to announce the death of Past Grand Master Brother Michael Nsiah-Buadi. 
There are no further details at this point. 
All our sympathies and prayers at this time are with Michael's wife, Sister Emma and all the family along with all the members of his lodge at London United 11636. 
Rest in Peace Brother - A True Gentleman and Grand Master who will be sadly missed by all his fellow Oddfellows both in the UK and in Ghana. 
The 2020 Annual Move-able Conference being cancelled, has resulted in there being no elections to the Board of Directors for 2020. 
The current number of Board Directors totalling five, ( Grand Master, Deputy Grand Master and 3 Directors) just allows for a quorum of five attendees at future Board Meetings ( normally seven). 
The Past Grand Master, prior to Sister Marian Blankson-VanDyck Brother Richard Penn, was unable to take up the office of Immediate Past Grand Master on his retirement as Grand Master due to his personal circumstances at the time. 
The office of Immediate Past Grand Master is also a position on the Board of Directors which increases the voting strength of the Board. 
We are delighted to announce that Brother Richard Penn has come forward, of his own volition, to offer his service on the Board for the next twelve months as Immediate Past Grand Master to ensure the strength of the Board. 
The remaining members of the Board would like to record their thanks and appreciation to Brother Richard for his very kind gesture and his consideration for the future of our Society and Order. 
We look forward to joining him at our August Board Meeting when, hopefully, the current crisis will have abated. 
(who is marooned in Ghana unable to get a flight back to the UK) 
Dear Brethren, 
I take this opportunity to speak with you on a matter which is affecting not only our Order but all other organisations in the world. The Coronavirus, – COVID -19. 
Just a few weeks ago, we were in the process of making final preparations towards the Annual Movable Conference due to take place over the Spring Bank holiday weekend. This being an election year, everyone was looking forward to it with eagerness and enthusiasm. 
Sadly, this Conference had had to be cancelled due to this Corona Virus pandemic. 
The speed with which this deadly virus is spreading around the globe, coupled with lack of any effective vaccine has led to various Governments imposing unprecedented measures deemed to combat the spread and impact of this COVID-19 outbreak. 
We are advised to observe social distancing with emphasis on “STAY AT HOME!” Go out only when it is necessary to do so. These measures may appear to be harsh, difficult or draconian in some respects but lives could be saved in so doing. 
We must understand that we are at a difficult, uncertain and critical period in our lives. Our normal way of living is changing, our social lives are being altered and the whole world is turned upside down. 
But if we all stick to the government advice, adhere to the measures imposed and play our part, there’s hope we can together defeat this virus. 
At this juncture we salute, applaud and thank all our healthcare, emergency and essential services staff for working tirelessly on our behalf on the frontline despite the risks it poses to them and their families. 
My brethren Oddfellows, the fact that we are unable to hold Lodge meetings, as usual, does not mean closure of shop. In fact this is the time to call to mind the teachings and principles of Odd Fellowship. By this, we are now called upon and expected to be our brothers / sisters keepers, extend the hand of friendship to one another and to give help and support to all. 
We should endeavour to maintain regular contact with each other either by phone, text or any other technological means and bear in mind that the All-Seeing-Eye is in control. 
Let us have faith and keep the candle of hope burning. 
I hope and pray that you and your families are keeping well. 
Please remember to stay at home, go out only when necessary and stay safe. 
Thank you all in Friendship, Love and Truth. 
Worthy Sister Marian Blankson-VanDyck 
Grand Master of the Order 
It was inevitable that during the current Coronavirus crisis and all hotels, pubs and restaurants being closed, that holding the 2020 Annual Move-able Conference at the Jury's Inn Hotel Brighton on the 23/24th May 2020 would be impossible. 
We have been informed that the Jury's Inn is now closed and no date for re-opening can be determined. 
The Board unanimously decided, by corresponding via e-mail, that all Lodge Secretaries,delegates and members be informed of the decision, regretfully taken. 
It is hoped that we will be able to hold the 2021 AMC at the same venue on the 30/31st May 2021. 
The 2020 AMC being an Election Conference and unable to be held, will mean that the current Grand Master, Sister Marian Blankson-VanDyck will continue in office for a further one year due to necessity and the Deputy Grand Master Sister Sally Whitehouse will be elected and installed as the new Grand Master in 2021. 
The precedent to this decision was during the Second World War when the Grand Master at the time Brother R H Hartley continued to serve for a period of four years from 1939 to 1942 instead of the usual one year. 
From the Board of Directors and Staff at the Head Office in the UK, we hope all our members in the UK and Overseas are staying safe during this World Crisis and that your isolation is not causing you distress. 
Please view and listen to the posted video below for Comfort and Hope during this troubled time. 
From the Board of Directors and Staff at the Head Office in the UK, we wish all our members in the UK and Overseas a very Merry Christmas and a happy New Year in 2020. 
Peace and Goodwill to all men and women of all Nationalities and Religions 
Due to issues beyond his control our Board Director Chris Hemming has reluctantly decided to stand down from his position as a Director of the Grand United Order of Oddfellows with immediate effect. 
This will mean that there now are two positions requiring to be filled on the Board due to the fact that the previous Grand Master was unable to take up the position on the Board of Immediate Past Grand Master. 
All lodges able to put forward members from their lodges eligible and willing to commit to becoming a Board Member should complete signed sealed Nomination Forms available from Head Office and should be completed and returned by 20th February 2020 in accordance with General Rule 10 of the Order Rules. 
Lodge Secretaries should do their utmost to put member nominations forward for Board representation to ensure the continuation and future of the Order. 
The Dennis Orton Lodge 94 Huddersfield will be holding their Inter Lodge Social on Saturday 16th November at the Hudderfield Irish Centre 86 Fitzwilliam Street Huddersfield HD1 5BB. 
There will be cracking entertainment on offer, and of course a sumptuous buffet, so all members please let your lodge secretary know who can then provide numbers to the Huddersfield Secretary for catering purposes. 
Please e-mail Belinda Gale at with any numbers of attendees. 
The funeral of Sister Ruth Robinson, mother of the Grand Secretary Brother Neil Robinson, will take place at Howbridge Crematorium Lovers Lane Atherton Manchester M46 0PZ at 11-30am on Tuesday 29th October followed by a gathering at the Gardeners Arms Atherton M46 0PG. 
Anyone wishing to attend the funeral and gathering, please e-mail Brother Robinson at or ring 0161 872 3356 to speak to him for the purposes of establishing numbers of attendees. 
The Order are sad to announce the death of Sister Ruth Robinson aged 82, the former wife of the now deceased past Grand Secretary Brother Harry Robinson and mother of the current Grand Secretary Brother Neil Robinson and his brother Andrew. 
Over the last twelve months, Sister Ruth was suffering with Esophagus Cancer and died peacfully in Wigan Hospital on Tuesday 15th October. 
Our condolences go out to the family and further details will be posted when funeral arrangements are known 
The 2019 Family Fun Day took take place on Sunday 25th August at Cauldon Lowe Village Hall Leek Staffs ST10 3EX. 
The event was reasonably well attended although it would have been nice to see more members from lodges the next time it is held - so come on you lodges! 
The activities commenced at 11-00.o'clock and included: 
Scooters, Skipping Arts & Crafts 
Hedgehog Racing 
Limbo Dancing  
"The Stocks" - £1 for 3 sponges to throw at victims - volunteers to bring a change of clothes please 
Disco and games by resident DJ 
London Lodge versus the World Football Match 
The image below showing the new 'Order Gazebo' which will be used at forthcoming events such as Agricultural and Trade Shows around the country as a meet and greet point to distribute leaflets and other pamphlets and Marketing Material to spread the word of the value of 'Grand United Oddfellowship' and what it means to be a member. 
The 2019 Ghana & Jurisdiction Fraternal Annual Moveable Conference 
A video showing the proceedings of the 66th Fraternal Annual Moveable Conference held 1st to the 4th clickAugust attended by the Order Grand Master Sister Marian Blankson-VanDyck 
copy and paste onto you tube to view the following: 
The 2019 Family Fun Day is due to take place on Sunday 25th August to be held at Cauldon Lowe Village Hall Leek Staffs ST10 3EX. 
The activities commencing at 10-00.o'clock will include: 
Scooters, Skipping Arts & Crafts 
Hedgehog Racing 
Limbo Dancing  
"The Stocks" - £1 for 3 sponges to throw at victims - volunteers to bring a change of clothes please 
Disco and games by resident DJ 
London Lodge versus the World Football Match 
All are welcome, Oddfellows or Guests so come along and HAVE FUN! 
No Admittance 
A meeting of the Board of Directors was held on Saturday 10th August 2019 in accordance with the Order General Rules but due to a combination of family and work commitments, the absence of two directors meant there was no quorum. 
A full and frank discussion was held and as result of there being no quorum, there will be no minutes issued for this meeting and there are no plans for another meeting before the next scheduled meeting on Saturday 9th November 2019. 
Images below from the Flowers of May Lodge 617 Bradford Social held on Saturday the 27th October. 
The Grand Master, Sister Marian Blankson-VanDyck, presenting two Devoted Service Jewels to the lodge Trustees Brother David Bailes and Brother David Stamp for their long service to the lodge. 
Those present enjoyed a great evening of entertainment and a fabulous Buffet and thanks go to the Committee of Management and the lodge secretary Brother John Dyche for putting on a splendid 'do'. 
Also the Grand Master Sister Marian receiving a bouquet from the lodge for attending the Social all the way from London to present the awards. 
Finally, a group shot showing the enjoyment of all who attended in Friendship, Love and Truth 
Th e Order is pleased to announce that the HUDDERSFIELD RON PRYOR LODGE 94 has now changed the lodge name to the HUDDERSFIELD DENNIS ORTON LODGE 94 ( Past Noble Grand and Lodge Secretary) in loving memory of Dennis Orton who sadly passed away in Ferbruary 2017. 
The name change has officially been approved by the Prudential Regulatory Authority and the Financial Conduct Authority as at October 2018. 
All future correspondence should be addressed as the new name. 
Welcome to our T.I.S. 
Following on from the initiative introduced by the Huddersfield Lodge 94 whereby Juveniles are encouraged but given the free choice to continue membership after the age of 16 into Adult Membership, the Oldham Lodge 12221 have introduced the T.I.S. ( Transfer Initiative Scheme) with a slight difference. 
Under this scheme, Juveniles will be given the opportunity and encouraged by the lodge to transfer into Adult Membership with the lodge agreeing to subsidise each Juvenile's contribution up to the age of 21 after which it is hoped they will see the benefits of retaining membership as they grow older. 
The first member to take advantage of this scheme is Lewis Rogers who is seen accepting his Juvenile IAS pay-out cheque from the Oldham Lodge Secretary Hazel Cahill. 
Lewis intends putting the proceeds towards some new IT equipment he is saving for and was impressed by all the benefits that future membership can bring. Lewis's mother Sharon is also an adult member. 
Lodge secretary Hazel Cahill said "it's important to do all that we can to retain young members into Adult Membership if we are to strengthen our total Order Membership and the Oldham Committee of Management agreed that this was an initiative we should try as the annual cost to the lodge will not be that excessive and new members are definitely needed if we are to survive". 
The Flowers of May Lodge 617 Bradford 
The Committe of Management of the Bradford Lodge are holding an Inter Lodge Social on the 27th October 2018 at the Field Sports & Social Club Chelsea Road ,Off Hollingwood Lane, Bradford BD7 4AY commencing at 7-00 onwards and ALL Oddfellows locally and nationally are welcome. 
PLease inform the lodge secretary Brother John Dyche if you intend to come with the relevant numbers on 01274 - 573349 tel/fax or mobile 07957 - 148234 or e-mail or 
Board members, delegates , lodge members, friends and family at the toast and gifts presentation after the Installation of the new Grand Master Sister Marian Blankson-VanDyck. 
Sister Marian will serve the next two years as Grand Master before handing over the honour to her current Deputy Grand Master Sister Sally Whitehouse 
Brother Chris Hemming from the Lily of the Valley Lodge 358 Derby appointed as a new director of the Order at the 2018 Annual Moveable Conference held at Llandudno in May 2018 
The Installation of the new Grand Master Sister Marian Blankson-VanDyck from the London United Lodge 11636 at the 2018 Annual Moveable Conference of the Order held at the Imperial Hotel Llandudno on Sunday and Monday the 27th and 28th May. 
Sister Marian, invested by the outgoing Grand Master Brother Richard Penn, becomes the first ever lady Ghanian Grand Master of the Order in it's long history and will serve for the next two years. 
Also below, is the investiture of the new Deputy Grand Master Sister Sally Whitehouse from the Ron Pryor Lodge 94 Huddersfield who will also serve as deputy to the Grand Master for the next two years. 
First pictures from the 2018 AMC held at Llandudno - images from the Church Service held at Holy Trinity on the Sunday morning before commencement of Conference business. 

Party Time !! at the London Installations May 2018 at the Dinner & Dance See Facebook for more Videos 

The Order has just been informed of the death of Brother Malcolm Phillips of Cawdry Lodge Leek 138. 
Brother Phillips was a long standing committee member of the lodge holding various positions over many years. 
His funeral is to be held at 11-30am on Saturday the 5th of May at St Bartholomews Church Broadway Lane Waterfall, Stoke -on-Trent ST10 3JB. 
All enquiries to Brother Alan Simpson Secretary of Cawdry Lodge on 07922 163717 
Ron Pryor Lodge 94 – News!! 
A group of Huddersfield Lodge 94 members set off on Saturday 21st April for a canal walk from Marsden to Milnsbridge. 
It was a day filled with sunshine, exercise, good company, conversation , and of course a few light refreshments on the way. 
However, do not let it be said that Oddfellows from Lodge 94 did this solely for their own benefit as £45 was raised for Crohn's and Colitis UK !!. 
Ron Pryor Lodge 94 – News!! 
Alice Whitehouse, daughter of Deputy Grand Master Elect, Sister Sally Whitehouse and Brother Graham Whitehouse, celebrated her 16th birthday on 12th April 2018. Brother David Whittaker P.G.M and current Nobile Grand of Ron Pryor Lodge 94 presented Alice with her juvenile membership cheque and collected her completed application form to join the adult lodge. Alice had celebrated her birthday earlier in the day with Sister June Calverley- Hey P.G.M, her God-Mother. 
Alice is the first juvenile member from Lodge 94 to move into the adult lodge taking advantage of the newly agreed scheme the lodge has set in place to encourage juveniles to join the adult lodge when reaching 16 - No membership fees for 2 years. 
Concerned about the ratio of juvenile to adult lodge conversions, members of Lodge 94 recently took the decision that the Lodge will pay the first 2 years IAS membership for their juveniles when joining the adult lodge. Taking the view that ‘every little helps’ the initiative is hoped to encourage applications to the adult lodge where all new members will be warmly welcomed. 
Alice hopes to carry on in the Order to follow in her mum’s footsteps. 
The Order are holding the 155th Annual Moveable Conference once again at the Imperial Hotel Llandudno under the final year of the Grand Master Brother Richard Penn's Presidency. 
He will be succeeded by the current Deputy Grand Master Sister Marian Blankson-Van Dyck, who will become the very first Lady Ghanian Grand Master in the history of the Grand United Order of Oddfellows Friendly Society. 
We wish her well over the forthcoming two years of her office. 
In Friendship, Love and Truth. 
The Installations of London United Lodge 11636 and the Household of Ruth London are due to take place at the Imperial Hotel Russel Square London at approximately 3-00pm on Saturday 5th May when the new Noble Grand of the Lodge and the Most Worthy Governor of the Household will be installed for the forthcoming year to May 2019. 
The traditional ceremony will be attended by a full lodge compliment plus the Deputy Grand Master and Grand Master Elect Sister Marian Blankson -VanDyck plus members of the Board and representatives from other lodges throughouit the country to witness this marvelous event!.  
The Order are holding a Family Fun Day open to all members, members children, grandchildren and all family members and friends of every lodge. 
This will be held at Cauldon Lowe Village Hall on Sunday 20th August commencing at 10-00am. 
Cauldon Lowe Village Hall is located on the A52, it is highly accessible and nestled in the beautiful Staffordshire Moorlands.It is positioned centrally between the historic towns of Leek, Ashbourne and Cheadle and is a stones throw from Alton Towers. 
The Order wish to thank the Committee of Management of Cawdry Lodge No 138 Leek for their involvement in the arrangements for this Fun Day. Should the weather be inclement then activities will be held inside the Hall and a wonderful day will be expected. 
20TH MAY 2017 
The Society will be holding the 154th Annual Moveable Conference at the Imperial Hotel Llandudno commencing at 1:00pm followed by a dinner and social in the evening See a few photos below 
6TH MAY 2017 
The London United Lodge 11636 held it's Annual Installation Ceremony appointing Worthy Brother Paul Hagan as the new Noble Grand and Worthy Sister Constance Gyamera as the new Most Noble Governor - both for the ensuing twelve months. 
18TH MARCH 2017 
Huddersfield Ron Pryor Lodge 94 are holding a Social at the PPG Canalside 509 Leeds Road Huddersfield HD2 1YJ at 7-30pm open to all lodge members and other lodges as well!. 
The Order are sad to announce the death on Monday 20 February 2017 of Brother Dennis Orton from the Ron Pryor Lodge 94Huddersfield aged 65 who has been a Committee Member for many years and has held all positions within the lodge. 
Brother Dennis regularly attended Conferences over the years and he will be sadly missed by family, friends and all Oddfellows throughout the movement. 
The funeral will be held on Friday 3rd March at Parkwood Crematorium in Elland HX5 9HZ at 3pm followed by the gathering at the Marsh Conservative Club HD! 4PB; an establishment very close to Brother Dennis' heart. Family flowers only - any donations please to the Yorkshire Air Ambulance. 
The funeral of Past Grand Secretary Brother Harry Robinson will be held at St Johns Church Mosley Common Road Mosley Common Manchester M28 1AN on Friday 6th January 2017 at 11-30 followed by cremation at Howe Bridge Crematorium Lovers Lane Atherton M46 0PZ. 
29/30TH MAY 2016 
The 153rd Annual Moveable Conference takes place at the Blackpool Village Hotel under the stewardship of the Grand Master Brother David Whittaker before handing over to the new Grand Master Brother RichardPenn who will serve for the next two years. 
7TH MAY 2016 
The 2016 London Installations took place at the Croydon District & Masonic Hall when Brother A K Mensah was elected as the Noble Grand of the London United Lodge for the coming year. 
Sister Gloria Otu-Simon was also installed as the Most Noble Governor of the Naomi Household of Ruth London for the coming year. 
The proceedings were followed by a dinner and dance videos of which can be seen by accessing the 'Contact Us' button above and logging onto the Order Facebook icon. 
13-16 AUGUST 2015 
The Ghana Fraternal Annual Moveable Conference held in Takoradi attended by more than 300 members and observers. A pdf file report below and pictures of the proceedings. 
2ND MAY 2015 
London United Lodge 11636 held the Annual Installation of Officers as per the Order Rituals on Saturday 2 May 2015 attended by the Grand Master Bro. David Whittaker, Order Director Sister Sally Whitehouse, Deputy Grand Secretary Bro. David Oakes and their Consorts, plus Past Grand Master Bro.Emmanuel Ackah and Past Grand Master of Ghana Bro. Fifi Bartels. 
The Nobel Grand of London United Bro Robert K Abbey., who was installed in 2014, was re-installed for a further one year unitl May 2016 . 
The ougoing Most Noble Governor of the Naomi Household of Ruth, Sister Irene Johnson, was succeeded by Sister Nada B. Quainoo elected to office for the coming year to May 2016. 
The day's proceedings were followed by a dinner and dance attended by some 150 people who enjoyed good food, beverages and dancing till late in the evening. 
The Ron Pryor 94 Lodge Huddersfield held a reception for the newly installed Grand Master, Brother David Whittaker, who is a member and Trustee of that lodge and who has been a member of the Board for the past eight years until reaching the highest office in our worldwide Order. 
The venue for the reception was the wonderful 4*Cedar Court Hotel in Huddersfield and the lodge committee,who organised the event, should take great pride in putting on a splendid function in an excellent setting. 
Brother David is seen below in pictures with the Mayor and Mayoress of Kirklees Council,the Board of Directors and a sample of the guests who attended on the evening. 
He will serve the Order over the next two years at the Annual Moveable Conference in Daventry in 2015 and in 2016 at Blackpool when he will hand over the Chain of Office. 
Thanks to the Organising Committee of the Huddersfield Lodge and also to the photographer from whom individual photos are available - contact 
14th August 2021 
Zoom Board Meeting held on Saturday 14th August 2021 
5th June 2021 
Zoom Annual General Meeting held on Saturday 5th June at 10-30am 
10th April 2021 
Zoom Board Meeting held on Saturday 10th April 2021 
13th February 2021 
Zoom Board Meeting held on Saturday 13th February 2021 
14th November 2020 
Zoom Board Meeting held on Saturday 14th November 2020 
8th August 2020 
A Zoom Board Meeting held at 9-30 and a Zoom AGM held at 2-00pm the same day 
24/25th May 2020 
Annual Moveable Conference Brighton - 
2nd April 2020 
Due to the current situation with the Coronavirus, both the April Trustee Meeting and Board Meeting are cancelled. 
4th April 2020 
Due to the Easter 2020 Saturday being the second Saturday in April, the Central Lodge 11917 Annual General Meeting will instead be held on Saturday the 4th April at 2-00pm 
Saturday 16th November 2019 
Huddersfield Inter Lodge Social - for details see across the page. 
Sunday 25th August 2019 - 
Family Fun Day -see the activities scheduled across the page 
October 2018 
Huddersfield new name change to the HUDDERSFIELD DENNIS ORTON LODGE 94 
15th September 
Check out the videos on Youtube of the Grand Master's Reception Sister Marian Blankson-VanDyck held at the Hilton Hotel Kensington London 
Copy and paste these links into your Browser eg. Google 
27th October 
Bradford Inter-Lodge Social - see the notice across the page 
15 th September 
Our New Lady Ghanian Grand Master's Reception - Sister Marian Blankson-VanDyck 
Annual Moveable Conference - Held at the Imperial Hotel Llandudno 
5th May 2018 
London Lodge 11636 Installations. 
20 August 2017 
Family Fun Day held at Cauldon Lowe Village Hall Leek 
20 May 2017 
The Society held its 154th Annual Moveable Conference at the Imperial Hotel Llandudno which is also the venue for the 2018 AMC 
3 September 
The Grand Master's Reception Brother Richard Penn. 
14th August 2016 
Service of Dedication for the Cawdry Lodge no 138 to be held at Onecote Chapel Leeks Staffs ST13 7R6 
29th/30th May 2016 
Annual Moveable Conference Blackpool 
7th May 2016 
London United Lodge 11636 Annual Installation Ceremony 
13-16 August 2015 
Ghana Fraternal Moveable Conference in Takoradi Ghana 
16 May 2015 
Annual Moveable Conference Daventry 
2 May 2015 
London United Lodge 11636 Annual Installation Ceremony. 
4 October 2014 
Cawdry Lodge Leek no 138 Annual Dinner Dance 
6 September 2014 
Grand Master's Reception at the Cedar Court Hotel Huddersfield 
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