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Oddfellows History 
The history of our society 


Past Grand Masters and General Meetings 

This page holds the details of Grand United Order of Oddfellows General Meetings & Grand Masters appointed thereat since 1839. 
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Our History 

Although no formal records exist, historians have advanced the theory that an Order of Odd Fellows was established in 1452 by knights who were said to have met at the Boulogne-sur-Mere in London and formed a fraternity. 
Large meetings were treated with some suspicion in those days, and wisdom possibly dictated that it be prudent only to keep records on matters of great importance. 
From these early days sprang two Orders of Odd Fellows, the 'Patriotic Order' and the 'Ancient Order'. The existence of the 'Patriotic' Order has been confirmed, as a copy of the rituals revised by a meeting of the Grand Lodge held in London in 1797 has come to hand. 
The first constitutional record of the Order's founding is the Bond of Union to establish 'Amicable Lodge' Sheffield. A framed copy of the Bond dated January 6th 1798 and signed by the Grand Master and the Grand Secretary on behalf of the meeting of the Grand Lodge of the United Order of Odd Fellows is held at Head Office. 
However, it is questionable if this really is the true date of the establishment of the Order as past publications indicate that the 'Amicable Lodge' declared independence in 1813. What records do not dispute, is the claim of the Grand United Order of Oddfellows to be the oldest Branch Friendly Society. 
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