The following legislation governing the activities of the home Order has been enacted: 
1793 The Encouragement and Relief of Friendly Societies Act - gave legal standing and was followed by further legislation throughout the 19th Century. 
1896 The Friendly Societies Act - consolidated all previous Acts and introduced the need for actuarial valuation of a society's Assets and Liabilities and provisions to protect against fraud and misuse of funds. 
Further Acts were placed on the Statute Book in 1908, 1924 and 1955. 
1974 The Friendly Societies Act - consolidated all previous legislation. 
1992 The Friendly Societies Act - contains provisions for Friendly Societies to incorporate, and through subsidiaries engage in business not previously open to them. The various sections come into force in stages 
Other legislation has governed the operation of Friendly Societies including: 
1946 National Insurance Act 
1961 Trustee Investments Act 
1966 Finance Act 
1970 Taxes Act 
1986 Financial Services Act 
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