The account that pays you money when you're too ill to work. 
The Individual Account System is available for all GUOOFS members and provides a simple way to have sickness benefits, paid to you should you fall ill and be unable to work for long periods of time - for very little money! 
The IAS provides a simple way to ensure you and your family have some spare cash if your earnings are hit due to accident, injury or ill health. The IAS plan also includes death benefits and a lump sum paid to you when you reach the age of 65. 
Each account is based upon a number of paid-for shares, and is available for people aged 16 and above provided all your contributions have been a fully paid up to date. 


You can for example, take out 6 shares. And you pay for them every four weeks to your Lodge Secretary. The longer you pay into the account, the more money it builds up for you. Any allocation made depends on the performance of individual lodges investments. Contributions increase per share the older you become. 
A member holding 6 shares: 
If you are aged under 30 you pay just £0.41 every four weeks When you reach the age of 50 years you pay £0.57 every four weeks 
In return: 
Up to the first 26 weeks you were unable to work you would receive £3 per week. For the next 26 weeks you were unable to work, you would receive £1.50 per week. For the next 26 weeks you were unable to work, you would receive £0.75 per week. 
Cash paid out on death: 
Provided you have been fully paid-up member of the Order for at least six months, your family will receive a death benefit pay out - to help your loved ones cope with the financial difficulties that could follow. 
Individual Account Credit: 
Credit interest is calculated on your account and added every year, so by the time the final payout is made to you on your 65th birthday, a considerable lump sum could be waiting for you - for you to spend as you like. 
Free Legal Aid Scheme as an extra benefit: 
If you have had an accident or injury that has caused you considerable discomfort or even forced you out of work, the IAS account gives you the valuable benefit of a Legal Aid Scheme - free of charge. This can help you pursue a claim for damages and can help relieve the financial burden of an expensive injury claim.