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Helping Hand Savings Plan - Now Available For New Policyholders 
The easy way to plan the perfect gift 

Helping Hands 
The easy way to plan the perfect gift 
In a world where we are all encouraged to spend spend spend, saving for your child's future has never been more important. The Helping Hand Savings Plan is designed to help you give your little loved one a head start, as a young adult, to help with higher education, or to enjoy as a truly memorable 18th or 21st birthday present. 
The Helping Hand Savings Plan is the easy way to plan for their future and you can save on behalf of any child aged up to fifteen years old. You put by a small amount each month and it grows with your child. 
Tax-exempt savings 
Means more for you child and less for the taxman 
Grand United's tax-exempt status provides a highly efficient way to save money. Current government legislation allows you to save with a Friendly Society without having to pay capital gains or income tax. 
And when your Helping Hand Savings Plan matures in ten years time, your little loved one will enjoy a cash lump sum payout, also tax-free. It's the easy way to make sure that more of your savings go direct to your child. 
A Helping Hand 
As easy and flexible as it is affordable 
Because we believe that saving for the future is important, we believe in making it as easy as possible. Which is why the Helping Hand Savings Plan premiums start deliberately low, from just £3 a month, to make the plan accessible and affordable to everyone. Of course, you can choose to save more if you prefer, with premium rising to £25 a month in £5 multiples. You can also save for more than one child at a time, another reason for keeping our premiums low and affordable. Save whichever way you want. Grand United also gives you the choice to save monthly, quarterly or annually by standing order - whichever way suits you best. 
Bonus payments to existing policies over the last six years have been maintained at a highly respectable 5% per annum of the guaranteed sum when taking out a policy, although these past bonuses are not a reliable indicator of future results and are calculated by the Society's Appropriate Actuary on a Triennial Valuation basis. 
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When becoming a policy holder, we will assign you to a branch allowing you the opportunity to apply for membership of the branch to attend meetings locally if you so wish and take a more active part in the running of the branch and, ultimately, the Society and perhaps attend our Annual Moveable Conference as a delegate at no cost to yourself and enjoy the fraternal side of the Oddfellows. 
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